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Reasons to Have an Autumn Wedding

Autumn is a beautiful time to get married, but many brides do not realize all of the perks that come along with autumn nuptials.  For most wedding vendors, autumn comes just after peak season, making an autumn wedding cheaper and easier to plan than most in the spring or summer.  Let's look at some of the great reasons to plan a wedding during the fall.

Weather and Travel

One of the biggest advantages to having an autumn wedding is the weather, depending on where you are located.  For many areas, the beginning of autumn is still warm enough for an outdoor wedding, without being scorching hot.  Autumn makes for pleasant road trips, which is good news for out-of-town guests.  Excluding the holidays, airfare can be much cheaper in the fall than in the summer, when families do the most traveling. However, as always, don’t forget to plan for bad weather.



Autumn weddings have a host of decorating option that would look out-of-place during other times of the year.  Elegantly shaved pumpkins can illuminate isles while leaves of red, orange, and yellow can be used instead of flowers in the flower girl's basket.  Branches, birds, and other nature themes go perfectly with autumnal weddings.  Since the sun will be going down quicker than in the summer, candles and lights can serve as main focal points for evening weddings.



Getting married in autumn can mean deep discounts on everything from the venue to the dress.  Most venues and caterers charge less during the off-season, and many wedding items go on sale just in time for an autumn wedding.  Flowers are often less expensive during the autumn months and can be replaced or accented with cheaper, festive options, such as pheasant feathers, strands of wheat, or acorns.



It can be much easier to book your venue, caterer, and florist for an autumn wedding versus a summer wedding.  More room in wedding vendors' schedules means more time for you and your event.  Couples planning last-minute weddings who were turned away in the summer will have more luck planning a short-notice event during the autumn.  Additionally, more guests are available to attend during the autumn, since family vacations often clash with summer weddings.


Autumn weddings can be absolutely gorgeous, especially with all of the decorating options available.  Using natural materials and colors to decorate your wedding will help tie in the autumn theme.  If you would like to have a beautiful wedding while saving a bit of money, an autumn wedding may be the perfect solution.


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