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5 Things Brides Don't Know About Wedding Flowers

We are a nation of not only cat lovers, but of flower lovers. Last year we spent £2.25 billion on flowers. Admittedly not all for wedding bouquets, yet a huge amounts of cut flowers are used every year for weddings and bridal bouquets.

As wedding photographers, we want to share with your five things that many brides aren’t aware of when choosing their wedding bouquet and florists may not tell you.

1.    It's Like Carrying A Bag Of Sugar

Flowers are heavier than you’d except. In reality it can be like carrying a dumbbell around all day and having to do arm crunches every time you are needed for a photograph. Not what you’d be expecting on your wedding day. So be ready for it or choose more summer flowers which are lighter than say roses.

Generally florists are generous in the way they pack cut flowers into your wedding bouquet. They are tightly packed and wound with wire to prevent them erupting, then the stems are covered in buttoned silk. Consequently your wedding bouquet may be half the size of a bouquet you buy your mother for her birthday, but will be twice the wait!

Also make sure you have somewhere to store your wedding bouquet when you get to the reception, a vase of water is a great idea. Many brides have their bouquet as the central floral display on the top table.

Once replenished your wedding bouquet should last the whole day, unless of course you are a traditionalist and plan to throw your bouquet to see who’s next in line for marriage!

Remember, you will need your wedding bouquet for the traditional family group photography and for your wedding photographs with the wedding cars. After that your bouquet probable won’t be needed for your intimate couple wedding photography.

2.    Prefer A Bound Wedding Bouquet To An Oasis

An alternative to having a tightly packed and wire bound wedding bouquet is to have an oasis with a handle to hold. This often weighs less as the flowers can be well spaced out.

Having photographed hundreds of weddings we have noticed that wedding bouquets using an oasis tend to be less robust. Basically gravity is working against you and the flowers are constantly trying to fall from the bouquet.

The saddest situations was watching a bride walk down the aisle as flowers fell from the oasis. By the time she got to her groom half her bouquet was on the floor behind her.

Wired bouquets are heavier and more costly, but for the little you save in money, you will save way more in heartache.

3.    Don't Hide A £2,000 Wedding Dress With A £200 Bouquet

Keep things in proportion. By all means have lots of flowers on your wedding day, however remember your wedding bouquet is an accessory. It’s a compliment to your wedding dress. It’s the supporting act not the main attraction.

Do not hide your wedding dress behind an enormous wedding bouquet. We photographed a wedding where the bouquet was so large it looked like the bride’s head was always emerging from tropical undergrowth.

Wedding bouquets can be sweet. They can be colorful and vibrant. They can be adorned with pearls and jewels. Just don’t take the limelight away from you and your wedding dress.

4.    Button Holes Don't Go In Lapel Holes

Doesn’t make sense! I know! Fact, the hole in the groom’s lapel is NOT for their buttonhole flowers. In most cases lapel holes are stitched closed.

Unlike a lot of wedding photographers we choose for lots of reasons to photograph the groom’s preparations. They can be lots of fun especially when it comes to tying cravats and put on their button holes.

We’ve seen groom’s assaulting their suit lapel by forcible shoving their flowers through a lapel hole that doesn’t exist. One groom took a steak knife to his lapel to cut open the lapel hole.

How then do you fix your buttonhole to your lapel. The clue is in the fact that your florist provides pins. 

Hold the flower to the front of the lapel. Turn the lapel over, holding the flower in place, and then push the pin through the back of the lapel, into the flower stem (about three quarters of the way up the stem) and then back out into the lapel.

This way your buttonhole won’t sag, or droop or drop and your lapel won’t appear hacked to bits!

5.    Flowers Can Be Dried

By far the vast majority of wedding bouquets are made from cut flowers. However in recent years we have started photographing brides who have chosen to have dried flower bouquets. Brides who have made their own bouquet from buttons and beads, or from old clocks and watches, or felt flowers.

There is a growing trend to make your wedding very personal and unique by making your own wedding bouquet. I don’t suppose they will every takeover from the traditional cut flowers. However they are very cost effective. Also if you happen to be an OCD bride you can spray paint dried flowers to match your theme exactly.

As wedding photographers we see an enormous array of wedding bouquets and it never ceases to amazing me at the sheer creativity of some brides who invent new a beautiful ways to express themselves with their wedding bouquets.

If you have an tips or stories concerning wedding flowers and bouquets or have some interesting wedding photographs of wedding flowers send them to Keith at and we will try and share them.