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How To Solve The 5 Biggest Problems With Weddings

I suppose the initial question has to be; what are the biggest problems with weddings? Only then can we are start about solving them. As Cardiff Wedding Photographers these are the really day to day problems that all wedding face.

Like all good TV shows do, here's the count down and coming in at number….

5. Feeling Sick

This is more common than you would think, especially for brides. As the mornings fun and frivolity goes on brides get more and more excited, good thing, and more and more tense or stressed, bad thing.

Solution : Breakfast. I know, you get up in the morning and have a thousand things to do or you don't want to feel bloated on your wedding day. Ladies, your wedding morning is not the time to miss breakfast. The champagne is flowing the bucks fizz out and the acid levels in your stomach are rising. You need that all important meal to keep you feeling good.

4. Getting Your Dress Dirty

You have a long flowing vintage white wedding dress. May be you had it made especially for you, perhaps its by Kate Halfpenny. Truth is the underside of your wedding dress is going to get dirty. Even in the cleanest hotels in the world, the Ritz or Claridges, by the time you cross the foyer your dress will be dusty. 

When its wet and you really want your outdoor wedding photographs on the beautifully manicured lawns of the venue of your dreams, then grass stains are inevitable.

Solution : You can't change reality, you need to come to terms with it before your wedding, so it won't be a distraction during your wedding day.

If you are really fearful of marks showing through, then avoid single layer silk type wedding dresses as they will show every drop of rain or damp and grass somehow seems to cling to them. Instead choose a fuller dress and instead of a hoop go for a netting underskirt as this is way more resistant to dirt and grime than your dress itself.

3. O'h To Be Heard

The P.A. System. This is a personal bug bear of mine. As wedding photographers in Cardiff I have heard hundred of speeches.  We stand mid way in the room so we can photograph the top table and the some of the guests responding to the speeches. 

If you have 60 plus guests those at the back are unlikely to hear the speeches. Unless you have had your voice trained, even in a moderate size venues you will not be heard and I have to say that's a shame because so often lovely speeches and heart felt stories are missed by so many.

Solution : Make sure your venue has a "Proper PA System" and please, this is from the heart, try it out and make sure you can hear yourself, because hotels do not always use the best. Otherwise you can hire portable plug in PA systems. Do not be tempted to be a cheap skate and use a Karaoke machine.

2. We talk about, but never plan for it.

Rain. 50% of all wedding will experience some amount of rain in 2014, its just the way it is. As wedding photographers, Cardiff has its fair share of rain and we plan for that eventuality. However brides and grooms also need to consider what they are going to do if it rains.

Also, don't plan for rain, then forget that the sun is shinning outside. We photographed a fabulous wedding, where the couple expected rain on their wedding day and told the ice cream cart that he should setup in the reception room. As it happened on the day it was blue skies and a heat wave (An anti Micheal Fish moment). He set up as instructed and so everyone stayed indoors and the bride and groom couldn't understand why!

Solution : Have umbrellas and wellies to match your theme. Make sure your venue has something interesting and beautiful indoors so your wedding photographers have something to use as a backdrop for your wedding photography. 

1. To many things to do

The most precious thing on a wedding day, next to the bride and groom's happiness, is time. There are only 24 hours in a day and like every couple you have to make your wedding fit into about 10 of those hours. Therefore you need to consider very carefully how everything you want to achieve in your mind and heart is going to be realised in reality. We photographed a stunning wedding, located at the most picturesque castle location you could imagine. The bride had four dresses that she planned to wear on her day. Credit to her she did manage to get into three of them, though the one she failed to wear by her own admission was her favourite. 

Things take longer on the wedding day than you ever imagine. As well seasoned wedding photographers when we tell a bride that it will take over 30 minutes to lace up a dress at her bridal preparations, we see the bride's lovely smile which says, "what a load of rubbish, i can do that in 10 minutes". Then on the wedding day as we stand waiting patiently you can see her recalling our a advice and a slight blush of guilt for dismissing it.

Solution : Things take twice as long as you think. Rehearse your speech in front of a mirror, if you can do it in 15 minutes at home, it WILL take 30 minutes when you stand up, people hopefully laugh, others shout things and people laugh, maybe people cry and so you have to take a breath. You get the idea. Better to have some spare time than be chasing your tail all day.


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Thanks Keith & Elise : Cardiff Wedding Photographers