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3 Ways to Light Up Your Wedding

Very few brides and grooms stop to consider the affects that different types of lighting will have on their wedding. As wedding photographers in Cardiff light is our paint brush, its how we wedding photographers paint on the canvass of your wedding to create the amazing wedding photographs you are expecting. And we are always looking for new and inspirational ways to use creative lighting for weddings and our photography.

 The great thing about lighting is that it does not have to be expensive, in fact we love cheap, or should I say “chic retro”. Home made is often just as good as shop bought, even ebay has some fab ideas for lighting you and your venue.

 Here are three ways you can create different moods to your wedding and your photography.

1.     Romantic Lighting.

Obviously candles are the most romantic way to light up your wedding and they have a multitude of uses.

Amazingly your venue or location does not have to be in total darkness to use candles. Having them on tables or pew ends as you walk down the aisle will transform the atmosphere in your ceremony or your wedding venue.

You can hire candelabras as table decorations and these are usually cheaper than flowers. More often than not venues will supply them as part of your package, so they are free. Hang some silver sparkly beads around then and you have a great table setting.

Importantly candle light adds a real warmth to your reception room or ceremony that artificial light can’t and it makes for really soft wedding photography.

2.     Brighten up a Space.

Using lighting backdrops is a great ways of brightening up blanks walls, creating a soft wash of light and colour for the top table. As wedding photographers in Cardiff there are lots of venues which have areas that would benefit from this kind of back lighting. Maybe to hide a stage, or to partition a large venue room into two for your day guests. The backdrop can then be easily moved when the evening guests arrive revealing the DJ and dance floor.

Using a lighting backdrops behind the top table creates a very special space for the wedding party in a marque, it highlights the wedding party separating them from the rest of the guest to show their importance on the wedding day.

On a personal note and to help other wedding photographers in Cardiff and the surrounding areas photographing a bride and groom with a lighting backdrop needs practice. You should have your flash bouncing off the ceiling behind you the photographer, so that it reflects back onto the onto the couple half a stop above the level of the backdrop lighting. That way you avoid the couple looking silhouetted or the backlighting taking over in the photograph.

3.     Fairy Tale Lighting

There is nothing quite like that fairy tale effect for a wedding photograph. Most brides love the idea of a fairytale settings. For the best effect use out door lanterns with large candles 6 to 9 of these will create a great effect.

A cheaper and I think better solution is for the 12 months before your wedding to collect jam jars. Now you can eat the jam or pickle, my preferred option, or get family and friends to collect them for you. Buy a packet of tea-lights from Ikea and put them in the jar. To make this work you need about 20+ jam jars.

Add to that a packet of sparklers and wow you have an amazing fairytale setting in which to have inspirational wedding photography. Just make sure your wedding photographers has all the equipment needed for long delay off camera flash photography. It wont work without it!

The effect is fabulous, you can surround the couple, create pathways of light to put the couple in. There are endless possibilities for highly creative wedding photography and the best thing is, the idea is virtually free.

Just three simple and creative ways to totally change the atmosphere of your wedding ceremony and wedding venue. Not only will you enjoy the romance of the lights you will get exquisite wedding photography.

If you have any great ideas about lighting your wedding then email Keith at or level us a comment. Thanks.