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Review : Miskin Manor by Cardiff Wedding Photographers Imagine That Studios


Cardiff and the surrounding areas have many beautiful and prestigious wedding venues. Miskin Manor must rank as one of those venues. It offers a peaceful setting as well as the charm and personality of a traditional manor house. 

Miskin Manor was quite literally rebuilt from a burnout shell. Therefore unlike other similar hotels Miskin Manor has all the modern facilities you would expect from a high star rating hotel. There is even a separate spa and gym facility on site.

Bride and Groom's Preparations

Miskin Manor has ample room for both the bride and the groom to get ready at the hotel without the fear of bumping into each other. Many couples like Miskin Manor because both families can meet up for dinner the night before and know they can arrange breakfast and such the next day so that neither the bride or groom see each other.

Couple of things to remember when planning your preparation wedding photography at Miskin Manor. Not all the rooms are the same size. They range from tiny to huge, so you need to make sure you get the right size.  

For the guys its not so bad because we are going to do some photography of the groom getting dressed in the room by a window and then take everyone outside. So long as we have a plain wall and a window then the grooms wedding photography is sorted. The bride is very different.

The bride often has an entourage of people, bridesmaids, mother, hair, makeup, photographers, videographers all trying to get into the same space. Unlike the groom the bride will almost never want to leave her room before she goes down to the ceremony and that's totally understandable.

Therefore plan how many people are going to be in the room with you and then ensure you have the size to suite. The largest room available is the Bridal Suite and its advisable to have it if its available. 

One final point to mention is that for the last couple of years there has been a large number of wasps around. In the hot weather when you want the windows open, they have been a nuisance coming into the rooms. If you have a reaction to wasps stings you may just want to check out if the wasps have now been removed.

Wedding Ceremony

Miskin Manor is able to host both your wedding ceremony as well as your wedding reception. Minstrel Hall is where your wedding ceremony is conducted. In the summer months this is a beautiful and light room with traditional french doors which open out onto the front of the building. The roof has a number of small skylights which allow the summer sun to flood the room.

In the winter months the Minstrel Hall does not get the full sun on it and so the chandeliers provide a necessary and lovely addition to the natural light. You may also want to add additional light in the form of candles which create a beautiful glow to your wedding photography.


Every wedding we have photographed at Miskin Manor has been the sole wedding on that day. However its is worth checking because it is possible to host two weddings on the same day. There is a premium cost for guaranteed exclusive use of the house and grounds, but it is worth the cost to be able to have such a stunning location all to yourself.

Wedding Photography

If this is your first wedding to photograph at Miskin Manor it is easy to be overwhelmed. Just take a look at the array of wedding photographs we have included and you can see there are a multitude of locations to take your couple on their wedding day.

I would strongly suggest you have a pre-wedding photography session at the venue with your couple in order to acquaint yourself with the layout of the building and  the grounds. I would also suggest you start your couple photography at the Pergola as this is always in shade and offers a great backdrop. From there you can use the house at a backdrop depending on light conditions as well as having a rich backdrop of gardens either side.

Every time we photograph a wedding at Miskin Manor we seem to find a new location and new places of interest. There are the obvious ones; the Pergola, the lawns, the castle cut hedge, in the summer months the bailed fields. Then there are less obvious place that you only discover by walking around and exploring the grounds and there is plenty to find. 

We all know that wedding photography is about light, or more accurately the control of light. The great thing about Miskin Manor is that whenever you are faced with a blue sky and harsh sunlight you will be able to find shade for your couples wedding photography. 

During the speeches you will need to bounce some flash no matter which room the couple choose for their wedding breakfast as both top table have windows behind them no matter what. The Terrace Suite is a bit more challenging because it has a gorgeous natural wood ceiling.

Sunset is to the front of the house and behind the trees. So you loose the sun about 30-40 minutes before actual sunset so if you are looking for that kind of photography be aware you need to get it before actual sunset.


This is a great location to host a wedding and if its exclusively yours its definitely hard to beat in the area. 

The hotel offers great food, lovely surrounding and dedicated wedding team who ensure your day runs smoothly and on time.

The are lots of grounds so if you plan to have lots of children at your wedding they have room to run around and let off steam without encroaching on those who like tranquility. 

From a wedding photographers perspective, there is more than enough to keep you busy and to create some amazing fine art wedding photography which will be different for every bride.