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The Worst Advice Is To Crop Wedding Photograph

I am writing this post because we are asked every week, by people who are buying prints of their wedding photograph to crop the image to fit one of the many standard size frames you can buy at places like John Lewis, Ikea, M&S, etc.

So what's the problem?

Well let me try and explain. The image you see on your website has already been prepared and may have already been cropped to create a composition which is symmetrical, or powerful, or dramatic, or off-centre to draw your eye to the subject. 

Every aspect of a wedding photograph is a part of the photographers original composition. The whole photograph is the finished item, change it and it will not look as good and will not have the desired aesthetic impact the photographer desired. 

Here is an illustration. The symmetry of this photograph is defined by the two pillars

Take away one of the pillars and you significantly change the atmosphere of the image and the balance of the composition. Here is a standard 10x8 inch crop of this image:

There is a huge change is the stricture and feel of the photograph. We have gone from a medium panoramic format to a rectangular image. The couple have no space in the image to enjoy what is a fun time dancing and twirling. And the wedding photograph has lost almost all its power and appeal.

In one single crop you have destroyed an image in order to make it fit into a standard size frame.

So what's the answer?

Well you could find a professional picture framing service and have a bespoke frame made for you to fit the image, but that's a very expensive option.

Our Preferred Option:

All our images are mounted using acid free Museum Grade mount board. This means that the image has its own surround which can be cut to fit your standard 10x8 inch frame or your 12x8 inch frame. The mount aperture is cut to allow the full image to be displayed and creates a border which draws your eye into the photograph. Traditionally all photographs were finished and presented this way. The reason for the change has been cost. Photographers would rather maximise their profits at the cost of artistic integrity. We won't do that, which is why every wedding photograph we sell is fully mounted ready to be framed.

Here is the same wedding photograph in a 10x8inch mount ready for framing:

This mounted wedding photograph will fit perfectly in a 10x8 inch frame without the loss of any of the photographs artistic integrity.

Still Not Convinced!

Here is another example. Here is the original wedding photograph:

Here is the 10x8 inch version:

What's happened to her lovely dress and train?

Here is the mounted version

And that is why the worst advice you can be given by anyone is to crop your wedding photographs beyond what your professional photographer has already done.

Please leave us your comments we would like to know your thoughts and experiences.