Hassina & Idris Wedding Photography Clearwell Castle, Gloucester

by Keith Beesley in

Clearwell Castle in the heart of the beautiful Gloucester countryside was the perfect setting for the Wedding and Reception of Hassina & Idris. Their wedding was a well planned mix of modern ideas with strong traditional cultural influences which came together and harmonized into a splendid occasion creating many and varied wedding photography opportunities.

This was a multi part wedding with three ceremonies and three dress changes each part of the day standing beautifully by itself . Yet as a whole it told a magnificent story of Hassina & Idris' love and life together and their desire to embrace the traditions of their heritage and yet identify their own contemporary world. With much planning their wedding was a joy to behold. The traditional bold colours mixing perfectly with modern "Armani" stylisation created some great and unique wedding photography.

The Traditional civil wedding was followed by a religious ceremony which was profound and spoke to the heart of the true marriage and relationship. Later in the evening the Henna party was a very loud and exciting ceremony, with much music, dancing and shouts of joy. Every aspect of their wedding day spoke of their journey to this point and celebrated their future path together, it was an amazing wedding day. With such a grand locations, amazing weather and a couple who wanted to ensure they had great and memorable wedding photography it was pure joy for myself and Elise to have been their wedding photographers.

We would like to thank Hassina & Idris for allowing us to photograph their wedding day and hope that they and all their family love these 20 highlights as much as we do, the remaining 950+ wedding photographs will take us a while to prepare but I can say without doubt will be worth it. 

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