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Sian & Barry Wedding Photography Oldwalls, Gower

Sian and Barry's wedding was very much the family occasion with a very happy, excited and joyous atmosphere to the whole wedding day. The couple married at the picturesque Clyne Chapel in Swansea and although it rained after the ceremony the tiny chapel provided a lovely place to do the traditional family portraits. Then it was across to Weobly Castle followed by their reception at Oldwalls on the Gower.

Even though it rained at all the wrong times, that never damped the happiness of Sian and Barry. Our scheduled wedding photography session at Weobly Castle was sadly cut short because of the rain and even though it was very wet Sian and Barry were great sports having their car photography under an umbrella.

The day had started with Barry and the guys with lots of fun and raucous laughter with some great one liners. We have to say Barry is a natural when it comes to being photographed, the "Blue Steel" look and powerful features made for great wedding photography. Then it was over to Sian and her family. When we arrived she looked WOW! When she had changed into her wedding dress Sian looked incredible. Her dress was perfect, it was elegant, stylish and sophisticated. It accentuated her shape beautifully making our job a real joy throughout the wedding and creating some stunning wedding portraits.

The reception was held at the beautiful Oldwalls on the Gower which is an idyllic wedding venue with amazing opportunities for fabulous wedding photography. Yet it seemed that the weather would be against all day. Then between main course and dessert the rain stopped. Sian and Barry decided pudding could wait and in 20 minutes we have created an album full of wedding photographs for them. Even when the rain started again they were both "Golden" letting us get a couple of our renowned rain photographs.

By the time we got to fireworks the rained had completely stopped and it was great to capture some closing photographs as Sian and Barry enjoying a firework spectacular and with the drifting smoke it made for some really unique images. With over 870 photographs to process, its going to take a little while to finish them. We want to thank Sian and Barry and their families for allowing us to be their wedding photographers and making us feel part of their special day.