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Liu & Xiang : Roman Baths, Bath Wedding Photographers

Liu & Xiang held their wedding and their wedding reception at the amazing Roman Baths in Bath. From a wedding photographers point of view this is an incredible wedding venue. It does however have its challenges and we were up for those when Liu & Xiang asked us to be their wedding photographers.


The Roman Baths are open to the public until 6pm which meant that Liu & Xiang couldn’t get married until 7.30pm. In January that’s total darkness. However working totally in darkness actually enables you to see the light that’s really available.


Liu & Xiang were an amazing couple. Liu loved photography and she thoroughly enjoyed being photographed. The preparations for both Liu & Xiang were great fun. The ceremony was a truly beautiful occasion. Outside in the night. Steam coming from the hot water of the Roman Baths. So inspiring and romantic. Then the wedding breakfast in the Pump Room was majestic. The food elegant and tasted divine.


These are just a few wedding photographs from the 420+ photographs we are working on at the moment. We hope you like them. And wherever you are in the world right now Liu & Xiang leave us a comment, it would be great to hear from you both. Blessings and thanks for the opportunity to be your wedding photographers at the Roman Baths in Bath.


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